CNOOC International Scholarship – Bill Woodward School

The CNOOC International Scholarship – Bill Woodward School ensures students in Anzac, Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas can share in the success of our Long Lake Oil Sands operations. The scholarship provides financial support to high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education and skills training through university degrees and college diplomas, certificate programs at vocational schools and apprenticeships. The amount of the scholarship depends on the type of educational program:

Degree/Diploma/Certificate Programs

  • $2,500 CAD per year towards tuition and other expenses for degrees, diplomas or certificates;
  • Available for up to four years for first degree or diploma.
  • Available for up to two years for first certificate.

Apprenticeship Technical Training

  • $750 CAD towards tuition and other expenses for each period of apprenticeship technical training (classroom studies) available for up to four years or until the apprenticeship program is completed or until the applicant has received a maximum of $3,000, whichever occurs first.


Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have graduated from Bill Woodward School in 2022, but not yet commenced post-secondary studies OR be graduating from Bill Woodward school in 2023;
  • Submit a filled out online application;
  • Be planning to enter full time studies in the first year of a bachelor's degree, diploma, or certificate program OR the first year of apprenticeship technical training (classroom studies) of an eligible apprenticeship program.

Field of Study/Program Requirements

  • There are no restrictions on the program of study or discipline;
  • Certificate programs must be of a minimum one year duration;
  • Diploma programs must be of a minimum two year duration;
  • Degree programs must be of a minimum three year duration;
  • University preparatory programs in any jurisdiction are not eligible (e.g. CEGEPs – pre-university diploma).

Scholarship Partners Canada, a division of Universities Canada, administers the scholarship program on behalf of CNOOC International. Universities Canada’s mandate is to facilitate the development of public policy on higher education and to encourage cooperation among universities and governments, industry, communities, and institutions in other countries. Universities Canada is associated with leading firms in nearly every sector of the economy through its provision of scholarship services and management of more than 130 different scholarship programs on behalf of corporations, government agencies and private foundations throughout North America. For additional information, please visit  Scholarship Partners Canada for the guidelines and application instructions.

For more information on the Bill Woodward Scholarship, please see our brochure as well as the application guidelines. Applications must be submitted online by 1:00P.M. EST on July 25, 2023.

If you have further questions regarding this program you're encouraged to email us at:

Supporting Students in the UK

CNOOC United Kingdom’s Scholarship Program was first implemented in September 2012. Each year, the company will award several scholarships to students enrolled in four-year bachelor degree programs in engineering, geology and business. Scholarships are available to UK-based students enrolled at seven universities across the UK. The award is based on academic merit and financial need. Each scholarship is worth £3,000 per year for four years, for a total of £12,000. Scholarships are administered directly by the universities on behalf of CNOOC United Kingdom.

The universities and courses awarded are:

  • Aberdeen University – Geology (one scholarship)
  • St. Andrews University – Geology (one scholarship)
  • Edinburgh University – Chemical Engineering (two scholarships)
  • Imperial College, London – Geology (one scholarship), Electrical Engineering (one scholarship)
  • Sheffield University – Mechanical Engineering (two scholarships)
  • Warwick University – Finance and Accounting (two scholarships)
  • Brunel University – Metallurgy/Material Sciences (one scholarship)

In addition, CNOOC United Kingdom offers scholarships to students pursuing master’s degrees in Geology and Geoscience at the Imperial College of London and Leeds University.

Uganda Scholarships

On May 19, 2017, CNOOC Uganda Ltd organized a CNOOC Limited distinction scholarship awarding ceremony in Hoima District, and awarded a total of USD8,000 CNOOC Limited distinction scholarships to 90 local primary and middle school students. The Company has launched the scholarship program since 2013 for outstanding primary and middle school students in Uganda’s Hoima District. 330 students have benefited from the project.