Working with our Indigenous neighbours

Long-term engagement with Indigenous communities is an essential component of our commitment to responsible energy development. Relationship-building begins by engaging early and frequently to identify and understand the interests and views of Indigenous groups regarding the potential impacts of development and establishing mitigation strategies to minimize these impacts.

Working collaboratively, we seek to identify and develop opportunities for Indigenous groups to participate in the industry, as well as build the knowledge and skills necessary to engage more fully in the local economy. This collaboration enhances our ability to:

  • Establish mutually-beneficial and sustainable relationships
  • Recruit and retain a diverse workforce, suppliers and contractors in a competitive market
  • Contribute to building sustainable communities
  • Achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Secure access to land and permits
  • Earn CNOOC International’s ‘social license’ to operate

A component of building greater certainty is enhanced awareness about the industry and shared understanding between CNOOC International and Indigenous communities.