Doing Business with Us

Doing Business With Us

Supporting our Contractors & Suppliers

At CNOOC International, we drive economic growth, particularly in the areas where we operate, creating opportunities for the businesses that support us. We benefit from the proximity of local suppliers — working with people who know the local culture, community and environment the best. Communities, in turn, benefit from direct and indirect employment and the diversification of the local economy that our company generates.

Buying Local

A Local First Principle Guides Our Investments

We believe in sharing the economic benefits of development with the people closest to our operations. It’s a win-win for us and our neighbouring communities.

However, the remote locations some of our businesses operate in can make ‘buying local’ a challenge, as sometimes the services we require do not exist in nearby areas. To address this, many of our investment initiatives are focused on building capacity within the community, from encouraging youth to stay in school, to assisting in technical training program delivery. Our goal is to encourage healthy communities with local businesses that are able to compete for work that meets our quality, technical and safety requirements.

Commitment to Integrity & Sustainable Business Practices

technology submissionAt CNOOC International, we're committed to doing business with integrity - it's how we work. As contractors and suppliers are partners in our business success, it’s important they have the same commitment to ethics, integrity and sustainable business practices as we do. In order to ensure alignment, we’re committed to providing our current and prospective contractors and suppliers with the appropriate resources and tools, enabling them to work ethically, responsibly and safely.  

To give suppliers a better idea about what working with integrity means at CNOOC International, a number of our policies and standards can be reviewed on our Supplier Documents page. These documents reinforce our values and policies with respect to health and safety, improper payments, human rights practices and fair competition. They also stress the importance of legal and regulatory compliance. Working together in this way, we believe we can deliver results.

Rules of Work & Safety

Our contractors and suppliers are required to be compliant with our Standards in order to fulfill contractual obligations and gain a better understanding of our goals and expectations. Current or prospective contractors or suppliers should familiarize themselves with these Standards, many of which can be found on our Supplier Documents page.

Safety Sensitive Work

CNOOC International is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our employees, suppliers and contractors. We conduct business in diverse operational areas, many of which are safety sensitive. If you’re contracted by CNOOC International to provide services in any of these areas, you’re required to abide by the appropriate rules and regulations as outlined by CNOOC International, which may be updated from time to time. Rules of Work and Safety vary depending on the region and the worked performed.

For more information, see our Supplier Documents page.


North America

All contractors and suppliers, before they can supply goods or perform services for CNOOC International, must be prequalified. Prequalification requires delivering and maintaining contractor and supplier information including, but not limited to the following:

  • Proof of commercial liability insurance coverage that satisfies CNOOC International’s requirements
  • Proof of registration and good standing with the appropriate Workers' Compensation Board (or equivalent)
  • Statement of Compliance with the CNOOC International safety and environmental standards
  • If you will be accessing any CNOOC International site, you may be required to undergo an orientation prior to admittance

If you’re interested in doing business with CNOOC International within Canada, it’s strongly encouraged that you register with ISNetworld as this will assist us in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) screening and assessments. Registration with ISNetworld does not guarantee that work will be awarded.

UK & Europe

The procurement of goods and services within the UK is managed by the Supply Chain Services department based in Aberdeen.

We are committed to an open and transparent bidding process for all procurement related to our UK operations. Our processes are based on our corporate management system which complies with all European Legislative requirements and addresses the UK's Supply Chain Code of Practice principles.

To generate vendor lists, we use the SEQual database, supplemented by other information where appropriate. This independent single source supplier database results in increased efficiency since we do not have to continually select, vet and audit suppliers or maintain internal approved supplier listings. SEQual also includes a listing of all UK forward workplans.

If you are interested in doing business with CNOOC International in the UK, please ensure you are registered with SEQual with a capability profile in place and ideally performance feedback scores from other operators.

Getting Paid

If you’re a contractor or supplier with CNOOC International and would like to know what’s required in order for your invoice to be processed for payment, please review our Invoicing Instructions for Getting Paid.

CNOOC International also offers an e-invoicing option, which decreases processing times, enabling you to be paid faster should you meet the criteria for this service. For more information on e-invoicing, please contact

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