Giving back to the community

To enhance educational opportunities for Ugandan youth, CNOOC International set up scholarship programs for students in elementary and high school. Since the establishment of the scholarships in 2012, 330 Ugandan students have benefited from the program. Recently, local media quoted a Hoima educational officer saying that the CNOOC programs have enhanced academic performance in the province. The number of Hoima students who achieved first-class standing in the Uganda Certificate of Education test – a junior high school graduation examination – increased from 13 in 2012 to 387 in 2017.

CNOOC International has also been a strong supporter of healthcare initiatives in Uganda. We have provided several free medical clinics for local communities, specifically in 2015 when a cholera outbreak took place in the Hoima District. CNOOC International stepped up and provided funding for the community to buy medicine for residents.