CNOOC International Integrity Helpline

There are a number of ways to report a concern

A speak-up culture is one in which stakeholders feel confident they may raise a perceived or actual concern related to our business and that it will be handled with respect, discretion and confidentiality, with no threat of reprisal or retaliation. Fear of retaliation — which can include everything from termination or demotion to gossip and exclusion from team activities — is one of the biggest potential hurdles that may prevent workers from raising concerns.

CNOOC International has zero tolerance for retaliation or negative action against someone who raises a concern in good faith. This is expressly stated in the Speaking Up Standard.

Reporting a Concern

Providing employees and external stakeholders with a safe environment to raise concerns is an important element of an ethical culture. At CNOOC International, there are several ways to report a concern:


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Integrity Helpline

You can also report a concern using our integrity helpline, which is a secure reporting system operated by Navex Global, an independent third-party service provider. The helpline allows you to anonymously report a concern if you want to protect your identity. To learn more about our integrity helpline and for global, toll-free call numbers, please view their website.

Concerns specifically relating to our CNOOC Petroleum U.S.A. Inc. office and operations should be directed to 1-855-877-6050.