A key producing area with significant room for growth

CNOOC International is one of the largest oil producers in the UK North Sea.

CNOOC International is the operator of the Buzzard, Golden Eagle and Scott platforms. Our business strategy is to maximize the value of our existing portfolio, while creating new opportunities for global growth.

We are actively exploring in the Central North Sea and West of Shetland, and our UK operations support exploration activity in Africa.


The highest-producing field in the UK

Located about 100 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen, United Kingdom in approximately 96 metres of water, the CNOOC International-operated Buzzard asset is the UK’s highest-producing field.

In 2017, we announced the Buzzard Phase II project which will involve the construction of a subsea development approximately five kilometres north-east of the Buzzard platform. This will comprise a 12-slot production and water injection subsea manifold that will be tied back to the existing Buzzard complex. First oil is expected in 2021.

CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, is the operating partner of Buzzard (43.21%), with Suncor Energy UK Limited (29.89%), Harbour Energy (21.73%) and One-Dyas UK Limited (5.16%) also holding interests in the field and its facilities.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle produced first oil in 2014 and is planning for a long operating life

The H175 helicopter on the Golden Eagle platform in the North SeaThe CNOOC International-operated Golden Eagle platform, located about 111 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen, produced first oil in October 2014. This major milestone was accomplished under budget, ahead of schedule, and with a world-class safety record.

We are planning for a long, successful and safe operating life at Golden Eagle, which is also expected to act as a future hub for tieback opportunities. A good example of this hub strategy at work is the Solitaire field, which was discovered in 2001 and acquired by CNOOC International and our Golden Eagle co-venture partners in 2010. Located four kilometres northeast of Golden Eagle, Solitaire was a stranded discovery and not large enough to be developed on its own. By creating a tieback to Golden Eagle infrastructure, Solitaire came on stream with first production in December 2015.

CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, is the operating partner of Golden Eagle (36.54%), with Suncor Energy UK Limited (26.69%), NEO Energy Production UK Limited (31.56%) and ONE-Dyas UK Limited (5.21%) also holding interests in the field and its facilities.


The Scott platform produces from Scott, Telford and Rochelle fields

The CNOOC International-operated Scott platform, which came on stream in 1993, produces crude oil and natural gas from the Scott, Telford and Rochelle fields. Scott is located about 187 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen in 142 metres of water.

CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, is the operating partner of Scott, Telford and Rochelle (41.89%, 80.40% and 79.29% respectively), with Dana Petroleum E&P Limited (20.64% Scott), Edison E&P UK Ltd. (10.47% Scott and 15.65% Telford), NEO Energy Production UK Limited (5.16% Scott and 2.36% Telford) and MOL Operations UK Limited (21.84% Scott, 1.59% Telford and 20.71% Rochelle).

Ettrick & Blackbird

Both Ettrick and Blackbird are in the process of decommissioning

The Ettrick and Blackbird fields are located approximately 120 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen, United Kingdom in about 115 metres of water. Both fields ceased production in June 2016, are shut-in and are being decommissioned.

UK Gender Pay Report

CNOOC International has published its 2020 UK Gender Pay Gap Report as required by the UK Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. This report, which includes data for CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited assets, can be viewed here.

Infrastructure Code of Practice (ICOP) Infrastructure Access

ICOP is the agreed processes and behaviours for accessing infrastructure such as pipelines or onshore terminals on the UK Continental Shelf. As part of this Code of Practice, there is a description of each of our UK operated assets below. If you need further information about ICOP, email

Buzzard (2021)

Golden Eagle (2021)

Scott - Ullage Profiles (2021)

Scott - Completed Transactions (2021)

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