Asia Pacific

Emerging as a major oil and gas player in the Asia Pacific region


The North West Shelf Project

CNOOC International holds a 5.3% working interest in the North West Shelf (NWS) joint venture project, operated by Woodside. The NWS project is Australia’s largest natural gas production development and accounts for more than 20% of Australia’s LNG production. CNOOC International also holds a 25% working interest in the China LNG joint venture (CLNG) – a new venture established in the NWS project to supply LNG to the Dapeng LNG Terminal in Guangdong, China.

Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, CNOOC International holds a position in three exploration Petroleum Prospect Licenses – one onshore and two offshore – through its 70% ownership of PNG Energy Limited. The two offshore licenses (PPL 374 and PPL 375) are located in the deepwater section of the Gulf of Papua, covering a combined area of approximately 25,000 square kilometres. The onshore block (PPL 378) is operated by GINI Energy Limited, a subsidiary of PNG Energy Limited, which maintains 100% working interest in the onshore block.