Helping to power southern Alberta

CNOOC International operates a natural gas fired combined cycle power station that generates 120 Megawatts of power to the Alberta electricity grid. We are also a 50% partner in the 70.5-megawatt Soderglen Wind Farm in Southern Alberta and we use the carbon credits associated with its clean power generation to help meet our greenhouse gas compliance obligations for our Alberta-based operations.

Abandonment and Reclamation - Sulphur Base Pad Area Remediation

The Balzac Abandonment and Reclamation project continues with the remediation of the gas plant site and field well and junction sites. CNOOC International is planning to commence the next phase of remediation in the Sulphur Base Pad area of the Balzac Gas Plant, commencing in Q1 2020. The soil in the area that is more heavily-impacted with sulphur will be removed from site and trucked to an approved landfill capable of accepting the material. For soil that is less impacted, CNOOC International is currently working with the contractor on a soil amendment plan. This plan involves mixing the soil with lime to neutralize the soil pH over time, and reduces overall waste and landfill requirements, helping conserve soil and thus reducing environmental impacts. This process follows regulatory guidelines and involves pre- and post-monitoring for both soil and groundwater.

Operations are planned for up to seven days a week during hauling. CNOOC International has implemented operating procedures to minimize dust and fire hazards, with on-site activities continuing to be monitored.

For questions regarding the Balzac-area Abandonment and Reclamation Project, please contact 403-226-3138.

For emergencies only, please call 403-226-0967.

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