Committed to process safety

Maintaining Operational Integrity

The PSM framework, one of several tools CNOOC International uses to ensure operational integrityProtecting our employees, the public, the environment and our assets is not just a regulatory requirement – it’s our commitment to being a responsible energy developer. Meeting our commitment means implementing processes and procedures to prevent incidents from occurring. We do this by providing a high-degree of stewardship, hazard identification and risk management through our process safety management (PSM) system and training programs. However, incidents can still occur, but we use the lessons learned to make further improvements to our operations.

CNOOC International is committed to conducting operations in a safe manner. One of the tools we use to maintain operational integrity is to apply the principles of PSM to the day-to-day management of our businesses.

Process safety incidents are unplanned hazardous releases of material or energy that could result in harm to people, the environment or assets. The use of PSM is intended to help us reduce the likelihood and severity of such incidents.

Incident Recording

CNOOC International’s process for reporting process safety incidents is based on the American Petroleum Institute recommended practice for Process Safety Performance Indicators (API RP 754), which has been widely adopted in the oil and gas industry. This enables benchmarking and comparisons to help the company identify trends and improve performance over time.

A Common Language for Change

CNOOC International’s PSM system is aligned to the Risk-Based Process Safety framework, which was designed by the Center for Chemical Process Safety. The framework incorporates the experiences and best practices of the chemical and oil and gas processing industries from the last 25 years.

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