Caribou Habitat Restoration

CNOOC has been recognized for its efforts to preserve wildlife wellbeing in key operating areas

In 2018, the CNOOC International-led Algar Habitat Restoration Project was recognized by the Government of Alberta as an ‘early action’ project eligible to be considered towards fulfillment of future government-mandated caribou habitat-restoration efforts. This project plays a key role in ensuring habitat management of caribou and in supporting our Indigenous community stakeholders.

CNOOC International and industry partners have supported this project since 2011, using innovative ideas to restore linear features across a six-township area. Linear features (like seismic lines and roads) reduce predators in caribou habitats. This is the third major recognition for this project, following an Alberta Emerald Foundation Award in June 2014, and an Award of Merit from the Consulting Engineers of Alberta in 2015.

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